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A GPL Glade/Gtk/Perl program the organize spells for the AD&D(tm) game.
MASO's main goal is to help Dungeons and Dragon(tm) players to organize all spells they have playing a priest and or wizard.

At the moment it tries to give the following options:
  • Create lists of memorized spells from a collection of available spells.
  • Keep track of which spells are cast during gameplay.
  • Powerfull search function to locate a specific spell.
  • NEW. Create subsets of a complete list of all spells for a specific character.
  • NEW. Added the full-view window.
  • NEW. Added even more spells (3300+ total).

The current version is 0.7.4

The MASO SourceForge page can be found at
The Download page is at

Greetings, Merlijn van der Mee
Maso overview. The main spell-list is on the right. The lists at the top-left are memorized spells. Spells with a '*' before them are already cast. The lower left part contains the editable spell-info
The search window can be used to locate spells. I located 6 spells with my search on 'ethereal' After browsing through them I found 'Etherealness', which was what I was looking for.
NEW. This shows the latest (0.7.4) maso release on a dual head setup. :-) You can see the new full-view window and the spell-list creator.